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What do you mean by years of experience?


Our company has the best available cleaners. Apart from the initial training that our employees have received in the beginning of their careers, they have spent years cleaning in different positions with careers spanning up to a decade.


You mention flexibility. How flexible are you?


Dont Delay! Clean! applies one of the most flexible booking schedules on the market as our cleaning teams are available from Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays. Our cleaners’ working time can start as early as seven o’clock in the morning and stretch into the late afternoon such as seven or even eight o’clock in the evening.


How are prices calculated?


All our prices are listed on our prices page. All services have a transparent method for calculation as well as a minimum charge, all of which our support staff is trained to explain to you before you are to book our services.


Are there any additional charges?


In some instances there will be additional charges, depending on the location and parking situation. For residents and business in the city centre, congestion charges will be applicable. If parking is not provided by the customer, then the customer is responsible for covering all parking expenses.


You mention ‘green cleaning technology’. What does that mean?


Our cleaning equipment and materials are designed to achieve results by the use of chemical compounds which are not toxic and are safe for humans and pets. Our cleaning products won’t leave toxic traces or damaged working surfaces, unlike widely available commercial detergents.


How do you guarantee that your End of Tenancy cleaning will not fail inspection?


Dont Delay! Clean! delivers premier end of tenancy cleaning services which are based on the concept of top-to-bottom cleaning. This ensures that there will be not a single spot of dirt missed in the entire house. If your landlord or estate agent is not satisfied with our service, then we promise to return.